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How often do you groom your pet? Some people consider dog grooming to be an unnecessary luxury, but it’s far more that simply making your pet look pretty. Grooming is important for a dog’s mental and physical health, and also protects you and your family from parasites, disease, and germs.

If your dog hasn’t been groomed in a long time, your pet may begin to behave differently out of discomfort, pain, or even fear or depression. They may act more irritable, exhibit more aggressive behavior. On the other hand, you may see them slowing down and becoming more sedentary, less playful, and less interested in the world around them. When people bring their dogs here for grooming, the dogs feel so happy that they no longer have to live with pain, itchiness, and an inability to see that an amazing mental transformation happens along with the physical appearance. Not only does the dog look like a brand new dog, he feels and acts like a new, happy dog, too.


Painful Nails:

If a dog’s nails aren’t clipped, the nail grows longer and longer until it curls under their paw. This is incredibly painful for pets. Imagine having piercing pain with every step you take!  Some dogs even walk improperly because it’s painful to put their weight on their paws. Until they get their nails clipped, they will avoid that pain by adjusting to a more sedentary lifestyle with less motivation or playfulness.


Lack of vision:

Some dog breeds require hair trimming around the eyes on a regular basis. If left alone, the fur grows over their eyes like bangs and the dog loses most of their visibility. When your pet can’t see, you may notice a difference in the dog’s personality, because she is living fearfully and cautiously.


Cleaning around the eyes and ears:

Some dog breeds also suffer from dirty, crusted eyes and ears which stain the fur a dark color. We can clean this up so that their fur is fresh and clean again.



When a dog hasn’t been groomed, especially during the winter, their fur can grow long and matted, which creates a breeding ground for dead skin and parasites. This is miserable for your pet, and a health risk to you and your family if it grows into an infestation. Ticks and fleas, if left alone, multiply into larger and larger infestations, which can carry diseases and lead to further, even worse parasites such as tapeworms.

Your pet can find relief from itching and inflamed skin with our expert groomers. We remove the matted hair, thoroughly clean the fur, sweat glands, and clogged, dirty ears. Your little friend will feel like a brand new dog, and you and your family will be safe from parasite infestations, germs, and the possibility of being infected with serious diseases.

After addressing issues of matted hair, eyes and ears, parasites, hair trimming, and nail clipping, your dog will feel fantastic. Most pets love the relief of the itching and pain caused by neglecting to keep them groomed.

We suggest bringing your pet in at a young age so that they are accustomed to the grooming environment without being unneccesarily fearful. Ask us about how often your particular little friend needs to be groomed. You can also groom your pet at home by brushing their fur once a week.

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