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Artificial insemination is the process of introducing sperm into a female’s uterus or cervix to induce pregnancy, effectively bypassing natural breeding or sexual intercourse.  Artificial insemination is commonly used for fertility issues in humans and has been used often in selective cattle breeding for years.  One of the most immediate benefits of artificial insemination is that a superior male’s sperm can be frozen and used at any time.  This allows us to induce pregnancy with the sperm of an outstanding male even long after he has passed away.

Artificial insemination is an easy way to ensure that your female pet has a healthy, controlled pregnancy.  Here at The Animal Doctor, we assist clients with managing artificial insemination, and are a resource and help throughout the entire pregnancy including the birthing process and care thereafter.


Why use artificial insemination?

Artificial insemination is an option for clients wishing to breed their pet with an exceptional male to continue their genetic lineage, or for clients who are having difficulty with a pair of animals who can’t or won’t breed. The nature of artificial insemination gives clients more options in selective breeding and choosing desirable genetic traits for the patient’s litter.


Difficult breeding pairs

Sometimes it can be difficult to convince animals to breed naturally.  Breeding can be difficult if both animals are young and inexperienced.  Injured or arthritic patients sometimes have difficulty mounting but are otherwise fertile.  Sometimes breeding is attempted, but it is not accomplished during the perfect stage of heat.  In other cases, one or both animals may simply be aggressive towards one another and want nothing to do with any of it.  In the case of one or both of the animals behaving aggressively, sometimes it is in the best interest of one of the patients to proceed with artificial insemination rather than risk behavior that might result in physical injuries.


Improves overall quality of canine breeds

Artificial insemination is an effective way to slowly control the genetic traits of each generation of dogs through selective breeding. Rather than leaving breeding to nature, we can choose to artificially breed our female patients with first-rate, genetically compatible males in order to reduce genetic disorders and diseases in the litter.  With a wider range of breeding partners of superior genetic quality, the breed itself can improve over time as we eliminate undesirable characteristics and improve desirable ones.

Artificial insemination is quick and painless for both male and female patients. The procedure has no side effects other than a normal, healthy pregnancy in the female. The only downside to artificial insemination is the success rate is only about 65% – 85% in comparison to natural breeding. Clients may expect the possibility of a somewhat smaller number of babies in the litter as well. This can be attributed to a combination of any shortcomings that might be in the male or female patient or the technique used by the professional performing the insemination.

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