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Many pet owners like to travel with their pets, but sometimes it isn’t acceptable or convenient to bring your pet with you. If you must leave your pet behind, you want to leave them in good hands that will make your pet comfortable, give them attention and have professionals on hand in case of a medical emergency. The friendly staff at The Animal Doctor offers pet boarding services for both short-term and long-term stays of more than one day. During your pet’s stay with us, they will enjoy personal, professional attention, exercise, indoor and outdoor access, medical care if needed, safety, and a proper, healthy diet.

What sets us apart from other pet boarding facilities is the personal attention that is given to your pet and the clean, spacious indoor-outdoor enclosures. Your pet has plenty of space to play. If your pet has medical challenges, our facility is equipped with enough in-house technology and internal medicine to assist your pet as fast as possible.


Pet Boarding Services

Our facilities have staff on hand to observe, care for, and play with your pet during office hours. Our pet boarding services include a two-room enclosure for your pet.  Your pet will have access to both an indoor room and outdoor room so that they have plenty of space for exercise, fresh air, or the safety of a climate-controlled indoor enclosure. Each boarded pet receives an outdoor play area and twice-a-day playtime with one of our staff members. If your pet requires medical supervision or regular medications, they will be administrated by trained professionals during their stay at The Animal Doctor’s pet boarding area.

We also have an in-house large animal facility at our Selmer, Tennessee location for easy examinations and an area for loading and unloading of cattle, horses, goats, and sheep. If you have a large animal that needs to be boarded for travel or medical reasons, you can speak with us about temporary accommodations.



We offer grooming services for pets that are being boarded at The Animal Doctor’s facilities. If you choose to select grooming services, you will return to find your pet bathed and groomed. Their toenails will be clipped, and they will be given a bow on their head or a handkerchief around their neck. You will feel great knowing that your pet looks, smells, and feels good from professional grooming while you were away.

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