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At The Animal Doctor, we are a complete, in-house solution facility with the latest technical advancements.  Our radiology department can accommodate both small and most large animals.  We utilize advanced digital imagery which gives us much more maneuverability after the image is taken, meaning we require few exposures and thus, less radiation exposure to our small and large patients.

Digital radiology allows us to evaluate muscular-skeletal ailments such as bone fractures, hip displacement, or arthritis.  Radiology is also used to view organs, such as the heart, kidneys, liver, lungs, and intestines.  The information that we glean from radiology images can show us irregularities, foreign objects, tumors, and more for a quick diagnosis that can save the patient’s life when time is of the essence. We also use radiology with pet orthodontic care. X-ray images allow us to diagnose issues that are taking place below the gum line.

Digital radiology gives us the instant digital image, making it faster, safer, and more efficient in comparison to old analog x-ray procedures.  It is this cutting edge digital radiology service and in-house expertise that allows us to properly diagnose and treat our patients rapidly in comparison to other facilities which lacks the cutting edge technology we possess.

With our ability to take digital x-rays, we have cut expenses for film and processing equipment in a full-fledged photography darkroom.  These savings have been passed on to our clients.  The existing technology also required extensive time before being able to properly read the X-rays, meaning that our patient is still experiencing symptoms without treatment and the client is becoming impatient.  Furthermore, the existing x-ray technology required time for lab prep, processing, and someone to be ready to read the x-ray.

Digital radiology produces much higher quality pictures and can get a still image even if the patient is moving.  Our high-quality digital radiology photography creates a clear, high-quality image that is easier to read, and thus, offers more accuracy in proper diagnosis.  Blurry images are a thing of the past, and we all know that sometimes it is difficult for our small and large patients to remain calm and still in an environment they are not familiar with.  This also means we require less restraint in most cases.  Our patients don’t have to fear over being heavily restrained in an effort to keep them still.

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