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The Animal Doctor facilities are known and recommended for our thoroughness and care. We go the extra mile to get an accurate diagnosis with the diligence and care that you want for our patients.

After your pet gets a diagnosis from our in-house technology, we can perform surgeries for our patients using the most current anesthesia tools and practices so that your pet is comfortable. Most of our surgeries are performed at our Paris, TN location, including c-sections and birthing complications, dental operations, emergency trauma surgery, bone and soft tissue surgeries, and standard spay and neuter procedures. All of the following standard surgeries are outpatient procedures unless otherwise specified from complications.



Cesarean sections are performed for emergency situations during the birthing process if the babies or the mother is at risk. The patient is put under a general anesthetic during the surgery.


Orthodontic surgery

Our state-of-the-art in-house orthopedic equipment makes our facility one of the best options for veterinary orthopedic teeth cleaning and extraction.


Soft tissue and bone surgery

We repair broken bones and soft tissue injuries under the most current general anesthesia and anesthesia monitoring so that your pet is in no pain or stress during the surgery. This includes foreign body removal, wound management, burn treatment, tumor removal, spay/neutering, and emergency trauma care.


Trauma Surgery

We perform emergency surgeries in our Paris location. If your pet suffers from an accident or trauma that results in a wound or broken bone, you should contact us immediately for an emergency examination. If emergency surgery is needed for patients at our Selmer location, the patient will need to be transported to our Paris surgical facility.


Spay / neuter

We strongly suggest that you spay or neuter your pet. This outpatient procedures has a moderately quick recovery time, is affordable, improves aggressive behavior, reduces the animal’s desire to wander away from home, and reduces the amount of unwanted litters in the world!

We use general anesthesia on our patients during surgery so that they experience the least amount of pain and stress as possible. During the patient’s recovery process, we make sure they are hydrated and we keep them on a warm heating pad with constant supervision. We do everything in our power to make sure your pet feels safe and comfortable as they are waking up from anesthesia.

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